Posted by: Tony | January 7, 2007

“John Piper is BAD!”

This video is hilarious! The only problem is that it’s true in more ways than people might think. I’ll have to expound upon that in another blog post later.



  1. I’m not sure I understand the video completely? I know Piper’s teaching is false but not sure why other Godly men were pictued in the song?

  2. Hi “Dad”. This was a video from folks who ‘take pleasure’ in Piper’s teachings. It just happens that Piper does teach the truth commonly known as “Total Depravity”. So he was saying that John Piper is BAD. I don’t do bad things. I AM BAD! And some supporters thought it would be fun to put that to some Michael Jackson music (his 90’s song “I’m Bad”). So it was all in fun. All the other godly men were ‘reformed’ as well. They would freely admit that they were BAD too. Unfortunately many folks don’t realize that Piper’s entire life philosophy (Christian Hedonism) is truly BAD as well. See

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