Posted by: jesuswarrior | January 12, 2007

The Faults of the Modern English Translations of the Bible

I have just listened to one of the most informational talks, I have listened to in a long time. The talk was given by Dr. Floyd Jones. His talk was entitled Controversies in the Biblical Chronology. Although not the main thrust of his talk, he did mention the fact that the Greek texts used in modern day translations are erroneous. In fact these texts, from which the New American Standard Bible was translated and the New International version, were written by a person who did not believe in the deity of Christ. This is just the beginning. Many of the modern translations which include, The New International version, The New American Standard Bible, Revised Standard Version, The New English Version etc, the formost of these versions The NIV and The NASB omit Sacred Names in the Bible, such as Jesus, God, Christ etc, 217(NASB) and 176(NIV). Also these translations omit and diminish Hell in the Old Testament. This is not very well known among Christian circles and is often suppressed by those who know about the erroneous translations. Now don’t misunderstand me I am not saying the translators were not Christians, though I don’t know the hearts, its just that many of them were given Greek and Hebrew texts which were not accurately saying what the apostles wrote. These texts were in fact rejected by the Church for 1800 YEARS!!!. However the modern translators have rejected the texts used by the Christians of old for these newer inaccurate texts. If you are dispairing over a Bible to read at this point some good accurate translations are The King James, The New King James, The Geneva Bible, and pretty much every Bible translated before 1800. If you question this information please read an article by Dr. Floyd Jones. He has spent 9 years studying this topic and has a P.h. D. in Math, and I believe in Physics as well. Please visit his site at..



  1. Greetings. I just found your site and I’m very short on time, however, I have always trusted the King James. I’m not fluent in greek or hebrew and I have never really analyzed any of the others. Yet I have no problem and no confusion over this as I keep myself out of the contention. This may sound like a cop out, but I love the word of God and I truly believe that he has preserved it unto all generations. When I was unsaved, the old English words of “thee” and “thou” would be confusing, however now they not only make sense, they add a postic nature to the scriptures. Psalms just aran’t the same when you hear them read from another translation. At least for me that is. I can’t speak for any others. Gods word has been under assault ever since the serpent told Eve “ye shall not surely die” and as a result, extreme caution must be taken at all times and in all things.

  2. Hmmmm…

  3. So how do you know which of the many versions (with their revisions) to trust?

  4. Well pretty much any version translated before 1800 is a good version. Such as the King James

  5. Do you think you could get the audio clip online so we can all listen to it? Thanks.

  6. Aaron,
    You can send me the MP3 clip and I’ll post it on my blog at and you can point people to it there. Thanks.
    Tony Ramsek

  7. I’ll bring it Sunday, if you will bring your computer.

  8. IeriWinner_90

    HI! I’ve have similar topic at my blog! Please check it..

  9. It is important to realize that with any translation there are going to be errors. Even the KJV has problems with its translation. And then there is the fact that there are actually many different King James translations. The original which was released in 1611 has been modified many times, most notably the removal of the Apocrypha. Yes that’s right the Apocrypha was in the original King James.

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