Posted by: Tony | January 16, 2007

John Piper may be BAD! But his “Christian Hedonism” Teaching is EVEN WORSE!

See some very thorough critiques on Piper’s philosophy HERE.



  1. These were very interesting.

  2. I read the articles on that web site ( on Christian hedonism, and I must say that I completely agree. Not that Piper is really “bad,” I suspect he is a very nice man. But his Christian hedonism is just simply so artificial, like he just made it up. None of the Bible verses he piles into his books are about hedonism. Too bad. I think he’s got a lot of people confused and misdirected a bit.

  3. HEY ANNE MOUSE! I remember you from the UK “Christian Hedonism” forums. Remember I started a thread called “John Piper is calling good evil and evil good.” Wow, it’s neat that we meet up again. Check out my blog at Do you have a blog or a website? Right now I’m kind of on an anti-“Christian Psychology” kick on my blog. Sometime in the future, I’m definitel going to do multiple posts refuting “Christian Hedonism”. Send me an email from my blog, or leave a comment. It’s good to see you again.

  4. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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