Posted by: jesuswarrior | January 22, 2007

Evangelism, God’s Way

The greatest command of Jesus, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all nations.” That is the command every Christian must follow. But are you completing this task, God’s way. You might ask, “What is God’s way?” Is it, “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life?” I don’t think so. Or is it, “You have a God shaped hole in your heart that only God can fill.”? If you are using these methods they are far from being biblical. Think of how Jesus “witnessed to the woman at the well. Did he say that I love you and have a wonderful plan for your life and if you just believe on me and say this prayer you can be saved? Of course not. But what did He say? He showed her the law. He said convicted her of the sin of adultery. But wait a minute, you might say, “Jesus that wasn’t very nice or it wasn’t offering her blessings or tell her that if she just believed in Him she would be happy. What was wrong with you?” He was using the method that truly brings salvation, he convicted her with the law, and then he told her to repent and sin no more. If this is not the message you are bringing to the lost you are leading them down a path that leads to destruction. You are making them think that they are going to heaven, but in the end if they have not repented of their sins they will go to hell. I know this sounds harsh but it is what the Bible teaches. You must use the law to convict sinners of their sin, then tell them about God’s wonderful forgiveness if they repent and place their trust in Him. We need to fulfill the great commission and preach the gospel, God’s way, the way that Jesus did. To learn more about this method of evangelism you can visit…


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