Posted by: jesuswarrior | February 12, 2007

Why is there death and suffering?

Many people have asked the question, “If there is a loving God, why is there death and suffering in the world?” Many people cannot understand why a loving God would allow suffering. Unfortunately this leads to atheism in many people. But is God truly the author of death and suffering? He is if you believe the evolutionary standpoint of history. If God used mutations, death, killing, and survival of the fittest to bring the world to where it is today, it only makes sense that He is the author of this horror. But what does the Bible teach? In the beginning God created a PERFECT world. Now if God truly is a loving God how could he say that the earth, after billions of years of death, disease, suffering, pain, and survival of the fittest, was very good. If God used evolution, the earth definitely wasn’t perfect. If God called death and suffering very good, He is not a loving or good God. Therefore you must interpret the Bible literally. Thus when God said the world was perfect, he meant the world was perfect. There was no death, suffering, pain, or disease. How then did suffering enter. You must read the Bible further. It talks about the fall of man. Man defiantly disobeyed God and as punishment death and suffering entered. Therefore you should not blame God for the suffering in the world but you should blame yourself. For the Bible says that all men sinned in Adam. This should cause you to see the absolute wretchedness of your sin and repent.



  1. Suffering is rooted in sin, as you say, Aaron. Yet you should be careful not to equate suffering directly with sin. Sometimes God allows trials to, as the Bible says, make us “like gold refined.” Sometimes he also allows suffering to happen to those who do not follow Him, or His children who have fallen away from Him, to bring them back to Him.

    But the post, largely I think directed at the unsaved, is right on.

  2. Excellent post! Well done and I really like the last line’s exhortation. Also, I didn’t think you were directly equating suffering with sin, just that suffering is a consequence of sin.

  3. You note that not understanding why a loving God would allow suffering leads many to atheism. In my experience dealing with large numbers of atheists and atheist-wannabe agnostics on a daily basis (as a religious education teacher in an English state school) most of them have already chosen their unbelief and use theodicy to bolster their view.

  4. Dave, I believe that is true for a lot of atheists but there are outspoken atheists who give this reason for not believing in God.

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