Posted by: jesuswarrior | February 23, 2007

Should a Christian Vote in a Mormon

After Mitt Romney declared that he was running for president, I began thinking. Should Christian vote for a Mormon for president. I would like your input. If a Mormon has the right values, should you vote for them? Or should people vote for only people who hold Christian principles, or are Christians? Please comment.



  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with voting for someone who is not a Christian. There are many good people of other religions that have the best interest of the country in mind. Being a Christian has nothing to do with it.

  2. Two possible ways to view this. First, the Mormon is no different to anyone else – a sinner, and as capable of being errant in Government decisions as they obviously have been in their life decisions. Or second that even Christians are capable of being poor leaders and may be no more suitable for Government than the Mormon. I think essentially I’d certainly be looking very closely at any Christian in the running, and trust that they would be worthy of voting in, but am unsure whether we can always assume so – as with all such important decisions, pray long and hard before making a final decision!

  3. One thing that is really important. politicians will say things in their campaigns that are falsehoods. You have to examine this mans track record and make your decision from that. But be aware that he could be putting up a facade to get into the Oval office and then his true character would come out. I would check out what the Church of Latter day Saints says about him.

  4. In the Wall Street Journal today it talks about how political campaigners take up certain issues. In the Wall Street Journal it mentions that the said Mormon has just recently taken up socially conservative views on certain issues.

  5. If he was against war, for policies that would help the poor, pro-environment and not the lap dg of corporate execs then he should probably be okay.

    Thankfully if he got elected separation of church and state would stop him from trying to legislate his religion. Thank God for secular government!

  6. Teh real question is: “Can a Christian EVER vote for someone who is not a Christian?” Mormons are not Christians but neither are Jews. Can a Christian vote for either?

    The answer is in a democratic system which is not a Christian theocracy we have ultimately two choices on election day. One is closer to what we want than the other. I cannot vote for an avowed atheist – he violates God’s first commandment. I cannot vote for a pro-abortionist – he also violates one of God’s commandments by killing the innocent.

    But what if one candidate is a heretic and another supports baby killing? Not much of a choice, right? That is why many people of faith will not vote on 2008.

  7. Do you really expect to find a politician to agree with you on every issue? That’s not even logical. Your lack of action to vote for the “lesser of two evils” will only let the greater one take office.

  8. Rather than judging a politcian based on their religious beliefs we must judge them based on their history as a politician. It is disturbing to think that somebody would give up the right to vote simply because you disagree with one or more of the candidates religious beliefs.

    BTW, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (mormon) and I do consider myself to be a christian.

  9. Amanda, You said something very interesting. You said that you believe that Mormons are Christians. Could you please answer a few questions about Mormonism for me. These are some things I have heard about the Mormon Church.
    Do you believe that God is a created being himself?
    Do you believe that Jesus is the brother of Satan?
    Do you believe that Mormons need for secret handshakes to get into heaven?
    Do you believe that Jesus was a polygamist who fathered many Children?
    Do you believe that you must work to help you get into heaven?
    Because these things describe something different from that which the Bible teaches. And it clearly states that if you do not have the right Jesus you do not have the Father. I would beg you to consider this statement, it is very important. The Bible also states that you can do nothing to, even partially, earn your way into heaven. “It is by Grace you have been saved through faith, not by works lest any man should boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9

  10. I have a response to your questions, but it is a little long. Do you want me to post it here or would you rather I emailed it to you?

  11. First of all I would like to applaud you for responding to my comment without criticism or contempt. Oftentimes those same people who claim that we are not Christians and claim to be Christians themselves treat us in a manner that I believe goes against the very teachings of Jesus Christ.

    Let me say something before I get to my answers. I happened upon your site and this particular post quite by accident. I was not looking for it nor am I looking for an opportunity to argue my beliefs. I am quite certain that what I believe is true and I cannot be convinced otherwise. I assume that you feel the same way. I will answer your questions as you asked them, but please be respectful of my beliefs and I will be respectful of yours.

    Now in response to your questions:
    Do you believe that God is a created being himself? The short answer is yes. The long answer can be found here. I know it doesn’t say anything about God being created, but if you believe that we are created in God’s image, as it says in the Bible, then God had to have been created at some point.

    Do you believe that Jesus is the brother of Satan? This is what we believe about Satan.

    Do you believe that Mormons need for secret handshakes to get into heaven? No.

    Do you believe that Jesus was a polygamist who fathered many Children? No. This one is new, I’ve never heard that before.

    Do you believe that you must work to help you get into heaven? No. This is what our church believes about returning to live with God.

    I hope that answers your questions sufficiently. I got all my information from If you have further questions I would direct you to that website. Honestly, I’ve read some of what other websites have to say about our church and it is no wonder that people think and believe what they do about our church. Most of what other websites tell you is either completely false or they have taken some truth and completely twisted it.

  12. I would have a hard time voting for someone who really honestly in his heart believes that Joseph Smith found real gold plates buried in Hill Cumorrah in upstate New York.

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