Posted by: Tony | February 27, 2007

Easy To Use, Yet Powerful Logos Bible Software

I have been so blessed by this tremendous piece of Bible software. Logos/Libronix is so easy to use, yet so deep and powerful as well. The Lord has blessed me with the Scholar’s Library edition of this software and I have added multiple packages to it as well.

This is how it works. Logos is the company name. Libronix is the software engine/application. Packages like Scholar’s or eBible or MacArthur Lifeworks consist of different books. I highly recommend this Bible software over all the competition. Though some Bible software is free like E-Sword, its functionality cannot match all the features of Logos.

Here’s what I recommend for all Christians who are serious about Bible study. First off, if you can afford it, the Scholar’s Library is the way to go. It’s expensive at about $475, but worth it if you have the money.

For most folks, I would recommend two inexpensive packages, when put together give you a whole lot of good Bible study materials for about $30. First off get the MacArthur Lifeworks for only $14.99 This package comes with a TON of John MacArthur books, Study Bibles, reference works and audio books (MP3s). Just one of these hardback books like “Expository Preaching” would cost you over $15. Make sure you click on “Resources List” to see the more than 50 books included.
Next purchase Ultimate Bible Reference Library for only $14.99 This package comes with another TON of materials that will be very helpful. I particularly like Vine’s Expository Dictionary and Vines Learn NT Greek. With these two packages, you will have a great foundation for real Christian growth.

If you want to see it in action, click here for a Demo of the Logos Bible software and here is a nice tutorial on doing a Word Study If you were just curious to try this package out for free, you can by clicking here Free Logos software Although since the free package comes with just 8 books, it’s not really all that helpful for Bible study.

Another great place to see all that Logos can do (specifically if you buy the Scholar’s Library) is I hope that some of you who don’t use Bible software yet, will purchase at least the MacArthur package as it is a real deal. It usually goes for $60, but is only $15 on sale (the print books would literally cost you over $1000).



  1. Thanks for posting about Logos Bible Software! I agree that the demo video is the best place for people who are new to the concept of Bible software to see it firsthand. Once people see it, they start to get excited about how great Bible study can be.

    Thanks again!

    Daniel Foster
    Logos Bible Software

  2. Re: “Ultimate Bible Reference” for $15

    That is an excellent Libronix recommendation. However, there are multiple packages or editions called by that or similar names. The one above includes only one disk…tisk, tisk. The editions that come with 2 disks include more unlocked books, like the essential “Believer’s Bible Commentary” by William MacDonald and “Thru The Bible” commentaries by J Vernon McGee. To find one of the superior 2 diskers, google “ultimate bible reference”.

    BTW: Is Daniel Foster paid to comment on every Libronix blog on the net? Probably.

  3. That’s what I’m guessing, but I am not sure.(In your reply to the comment by Daniel Foster.)

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