Posted by: jesuswarrior | April 14, 2007

Abortion vs. Murder

I want to start this post with one question, what is the difference between abortion and murder? Surprisingly, the answer is, a few minutes. I just read an article on Fox News about a seventeen year old girl who had stabbed her newly born infant 135 times. I think most decent people would be shocked and horrified at an act like this. And many were, the girl is being sentenced with life in prison. What is ironic about this story is that if the girl had gone a few months earlier and had an abortion, which by the way is a much more horrific way to die than being stabbed, nobody would have said anything. And if some could have their way, this girl could have killed her baby a few days earlier. I don’t know how people can logically make this step in their minds. It boggles mine. That people could legally kill an unborn child but the moment that they are born you are charged with murder, shows that this world’s thinking is totally backwards.

BTW I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I had family visiting from out of town.



  1. Excellent post! What we call “abortion” is just murder of children. Another interesting angle behind the murder of babies is the desire to not have them, that is they are unwanted. Sadly many Christians who are against killing babies, still have the same motive/desire behind the murder, i.e. they don’t want children. Margaret Sanger won the battle for Christians minds toward abortion when she won the church and society over to ‘birth control’. What is now Planned Parenthood started as “The Birth Control League of America”. There is a direct link from birth control to abortion that so many do not see.

  2. Nice blog!

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