Posted by: Tony | May 20, 2007

John Piper (Christian Hedonism) on what America Needs to Hear Most!

You might think it would be the gospel, or “Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ!” or something Biblical like that. Instead listen for yourself and start to undertand that John Piper really is a hedonist and wants you to be a hedonist. As Piper himself said, “I’m not playing word games.” The philosophy of Christian Hedonism mandates that this is THE message that people need to hear MOST.

Christian Hedonism is fundamentally real hedonism. The term ‘Christian’ is simply a modifier to the core concept. Hedonism is a philosophy that says life is all about maximizing our own pleasure. It just happens to be ‘Christian’ because Piper figured out that God is the thing that gives you the most pleasure. So, yes, it is pleasure in God, but the motivation, the motive, the heart is self-centered (ungodly) and God looks at the heart, not merely the external actions.

For example, two people may give money to the poor, one with a motive of self-righteousness (to earn favor with God), the other with a motive of godly compassion. The external actions look the same, but the heart is what makes one acceptable to God and the other not. If both a hedonist and a Christian give alms to the poor, it may look the same outwardly, but the hedonist is doing it to please himself, the Christian is doing it to please God. Only one of these will be acceptable to God. Christian Hedonism unabashedly proclaims that THE reason we should give alms to the poor is for the pleasure it brings to self.



  1. Amen!! it saddens me to watch so many “Christians” being lead astray by this teaching!!!!

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