Posted by: Tony | June 5, 2007

Audio clips of John Piper on his outrageous philosophy of ‘Christian Hedonism’

In these audio clips you will hear John Piper talk about his philosophy of Christian Hedonism and what its implications for the Christian life are. These clips come from three different sermons. Of course not everything that comes out of Piper’s mouth is wrong. He may be able to expound upon certain biblical doctrines very well. Unfortunately his whole life philosophy is Christian Hedonism which is to say, unbiblical and ultimately self-centered at heart (at the motive level).

For most, what you will hear will shock you. You will start to see that John Piper really is a hedonist, albeit a ‘Christian’ hedonist. He is entirely concerned with his own happiness and will do whatever makes him happiest. It is a very self-centered philosophy. Phil 2:3-4 says, “Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit but with humility of mind consider others as more important than yourself. Do not look out for your own interests but also for the interests of others.” Christian hedonism is completely self-interested and goes against this and many other Bible verses



  1. Except it turns out that the thing which makes us happiest is to bring God (not ourselves) more glory. So to increase my own happiness, I submit myself to God and consider others as more important than myself.

    I think if you’ll consider your own motivations carefully, you’ll see that your own desire to obey God and His Word is ultimately a function of your own desire to be the person you know you ought to be or some other “selfish” desire.

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