Posted by: jesuswarrior | June 24, 2007

I’m Going to the NEA

Every year the NEA (national educators association) has a conference, here different organizations have booths for teachers to come and look at and either receive free samples or buy some materials. Well for the past 11 years Answers in Genesis as sponsored a booth of a former public school teacher at this conference. My dad and I are going to volunteer at the booth. This year the theme will be centered around AIG’s new book Evolution Exposed written by a former public school teacher, Roger Patterson. In this book he takes an in depth look at the three major biology books used by most public schools and shows why the arguments for evolution used by them are false. The book is available at AIG’s website. Here at the conference AIG will GIVE away 2000 copies of this new book along with numbers of other DVDs and pamphlets. I hope that God will use this outreach to show the teachers principles and school administrators who receive the materials the falsehood of evolution, and that more importantly they come to be saved from their sins and put their faith in Jesus.



  1. I’m a little bit confused, here; AiG has repeatedly stated that they don’t want creationism taught in public schools and they are making no effort to do so (to quote a 2005 article following the Kitzmiller vs. Dover trial “We’ve never tried to get creationism taught in schools”), but if that’s true why are they sponsoring a booth at the NEA conference? While AiG may not be undertaken any official legal action to get creationism into public schools, it’s plain to see that handing out the various creationist materials is meant to “rock the boat” a bit and get teachers/schools to either ignore evolution or introduce creationism into schools. To me, at least, this means that AiG is not exactly being forthright or honest, which seems to be par for the course given their current troubles with CMI.

  2. The Ultimate goal of this is not to get creationism taught in public schools but to try to show teachers and others why evolution is wrong. This is to reach out to the individual not to change the public school system. Also this is not an official AIG booth, they are donating materials to be handed out. I’m sorry if I didn’t make it clear.

  3. Sounds like laelaps is right and they’re trying to get creationism into the classroom by proxy.
    How very sad.

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